People and planet are intrinsically linked, too often the wellbeing of each are considered in isolation.  The health of our planet directly affects our health.  It’s palpable and the science is now absolutely clear. 
At Do we are joining the dots. We believe that helping to sustain our communities through active health promotion and education, we can develop and support a pro-active culture, people who are driven to sustain themselves, who enjoy their environment and are motivated to protect it.


To demonstrate our commitment to these values we have become full business members of the 1% for the Planet global movement. We will donate 1% of our sales revenue each year to the most pressing environmental issues of our time. A truly global network with local impact. This collective action adds up and together we have transformative potential, to that end we are standing alongside a community who share our values, and we are taking action.

This means every time you purchase from us, 1% of the total value of your order goes directly to help an environmental cause. 1% of sales is a more transparent way to give, it can often be greater than a 10 or 20% ‘profit’.


Support for People & Planet – certified.


Every garment we produce is designed to help you move, and whilst we recognise that nothing can be manufactured without having an impact on our planet, we are on a journey to be as good as we can be.  We are not perfect, we may never be, but we are getting better and our vision is strong.

We are all about movement for good.  Supporting individuals and communities to raise the bar of Physical and Mental wellbeing, in turn leads to happier, healthier humans and reduces pressure on our healthcare systems, which contribute 4% of global CO2 emissions worldwide. 

Collectively, we can help, we must help, by being more active through simple, fun measures. Sustaining ourselves and thereby reducing our impact. 

We consistently review our production processes, we have increased our range of recycled material, BCI cotton and Organic Cotton used in production.  We will continue refining our material choices, manufacturing processes and working with the best suppliers we can.