Collaborations with those who share our vision. Over the years we have grown partnerships with organisations who are driven to energise people and bring them together in an active space. Together we inspire movement and empower people. This fusion of expertise has enabled products you can rely on and a movements we are proud of.



We are proud to support parkrun - parkrun is a collection of 5-kilometre events for walkers, runners and volunteers that take place every Saturday morning at more than 2,000 locations in 22 countries across six continents. A movement for good. We supply over 200,000 milestone t-shirts a year and offer all runners our apricot series consisting of various styles from lifestyle hoodies to performance tees. 

Wings For Life

Running for those who can’t.Wings for life is a virtual running event that occurs once a year bringing thousands of people around the world together virtually. 

Runpod Run Club

RunPod is a weekly run club you can join simply by listening. Celebrity runner Jenni Falconer welcomes special guests who share their passion for running discussing the challenge, reward and sometimes obsession. Asking what drives us to run, why some catch the bug more than others, and how it can transform the lives of those who do it. Including top training tips, monumental mistakes and some inspirational stories. RunPod has something for everyone - another movement for good.